My name is Julie Sheridan, and I’m a native Scot who upped sticks in April 2011 and headed to the Catalan capital. I’ve been in love with all things Spanish since I was a little girl, despite the fact I’d never been to Spain, and started teaching myself the language by listening to Gloria Estefan tapes when I was nine. (My school didn’t teach it – needs must.) After studying Spanish and Portuguese at Glasgow University and starting work in Scotland I long harboured feisty festering thoughts of relocating south.

Julie Sheridan

The most Spanish I'm ever going to look

After almost ten years in Edinburgh I realised with a slow grin that it was finally time to make the move. I quit my well-paid job, said goodbye to my somewhat bemused friends and family, and most painfully of all, my cat of nine years, and packed my bright red suitcase bought especially for the fleeing.

Going from the east coast of Scotland to the east coast of Spain really shouldn’t be that challenging, when you think about it. The thing is, I’m five foot nine (don’t ask me what that is in metres), with dyed red hair and blue eyes. And even bluer skin. And I inexplicably sweat on the metro when everyone else is the paradigm of parched pulchritude. I kind of stand out, you might say.

To help me make sense of my new world, I’ve created this blog as a place to share musings, observations, stories, experiences, and no doubt the occasional rant. Most of all, I hope it’s a celebration of my time here in Cataluña – am honestly very grateful to be here:)


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P.S. Here’s an interview I did with Will over at myspanishadventure.com, if you’d like to know a bit more about me.

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  1. awesome… I look forward to reading more about you.


  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for your email. You can contact me on 651850657 or salgal45@hotmail.com.

    Perhaps we can meet for a coffee?



  3. WWGH

    FYI, Barça it’s just the football team. Barcelona is abbreviated as Barna, or BCN if you’re writing.

  4. Hey: I read on your ABOUT ME page from your other website that you did a : MPhil thesis on Chilean literature after the coup! Wow! that is very interesting. I lived in Chile for a while, and also my husband is from Chile. He lived there in the 70’s during Chile’s crazy times, but eventually left the country for Saudi Arabia to be with his Dad. Would love to have chatted with you about this while we were in Spain… You coming to TBEX 13 Toronto?
    pointsandtravel recently posted..Furore, Italy: the most beautiful place on earth and the drive back to Rome via RavelloMy Profile

    • Yeah, seems like a lifetime ago now, but Diamela Eltit remains one of my favourite authors ever. One day I will get to Chile! Not sure about Toronto yet but ‘Go with Oh’ is definitely signed up for the next European TBEX, wherever that may be. Am hoping Edinburgh so I get to see the auld yins back home:)

  5. nath

    Get better guapa !!
    Nath (del curro)

  6. Mo

    You didn´t do the thesis with Mike Gonzalez, did you?

  7. Julie
    Nice to see another Scot in Barcelona! Been here nearly 6 years now! Keep up the good work with your blog!

  8. Anne-Marie

    Hi Julie, love your blog! I see you recently got yourself a beautiful Cocker Spanial. I was wondering if you travel a lot or plan to do so and if you will be taking the dog along with you.

    I’m thinking of moving from Montreal to Valencia next year and want to travel but I have a darling 2 year old Great Dane to think about!! I would break my heart to have to give her away…

    • Thanks Anne-Marie:) Yeah, it’s tricky, travelling with pets. I just got back from a few days in Florence and left Inca with a good friend in Barcelona. I’m lucky to have friends to help out, and I have a colleague in the same situation so we dog sit for each other throughout the year. Two Cocker Spaniels at 6am – it’s a novel way to start the day.

      I sympathise about giving your dog away. I couldn’t, honestly. I had to leave my cat back in Scotland, with my parents, when I moved to Spain, and that was hard enough. At least I still see her when I go back. Could your dog come to Spain with you? Valencia’s got such great beaches, I’m sure she’d have a ball!

  9. Hello Julie,

    How are you?

    I’m a marketing manager of a barcelona holiday rental company and I would like to talk with you about a cool collaboration for our new brand cooked blog. Can you please send me an email to we talk about it? my address is: gustavo(@)barcelona-home(.)com

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Kind regards and have a good Semana Santa!


  10. Nicole

    I discovered your blog today via a blog by Will Peach, “My Spanish Adventure.”
    I am a black female, planning to move to Spain in the summer of 2014. I have traveled there before and I loved it. I plan to stay in Barcelona because I am a little more familiar with that the area. I have never lived overseas before, but I have lived on my own in the states well over 10 years. As a woman and moving to a foreign place, what would you suggest?? Where would you suggest looking for a flat or apt.? I plan to stay in a hotel the first week just in case I encounter a problem with securing a place to live. Living near a metro and markets is what I am hoping to do? I do travel about alone and at night quite often here in the States; and in reading your blogs, it does not seem like a great idea to do so in Spain. However, when I was last there on vacation, I did not run into any problems, then again I was vacationing.
    I guess in a nutshell I am asking if you have any tips for a blind move?

    • Hi Nicole, and thanks very much for commenting:) I’ve had so many dodgy experiences recently that I’m probably not the most objective person to ask, although on the other hand, after being here for two years now, I have no rose-tinted glasses either.

      So firstly, it’s great you’ve lived alone already, as that will definitely equip you better. I did exactly what you’re planning to do re the hotel – stayed in a hotel down at Diagonal Mar (miles away from everything, which I wouldn’t recommend!) for the first week then moved into a shared flat for a month. Immediately started looking for a flat to rent by myself, and found one very quickly. You don’t mention if you speak Spanish (or Catalan)…if you do, that is a huge help. There are metro stations all over Barcelona, so finding a flat near one is never a problem. If you’re new to the city, I’d recommend looking for a flat in the Sagrada Familia neighbourhood, or Gràcia (which has a lot of foreigners). Poble Nou is another option, close to the sea. Personally, I would steer well clear of the Raval, the Born and the Gótico, the old parts of the city – I do not feel remotely safe there, even in broad daylight.
      There’s probably too much to go into here but drop me an email (you’ll find the address on the ‘my main site’ page) and we can talk some more.

  11. Priscilla

    Hi Julie,

    Do you have an email I can contact you on about your blog?


    Priscilla :-)

  12. Hey Julie!

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  13. Nicolai

    Hi Julie ,

    sorry if I’m using a comment for this kind of message, but I couldn’t find a contact form or email address in your website :\

    My name is Nikolai, i am helping out marketing agency to find bloggers suitable for their spanish campaigns, and your blog looks like a perfect fit for what they’re looking for.

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  14. Hi Julie,

    I’m a big fan of your blog, a huge lover of Barcelona and a girl in need of a favour…

    I work for an app called Clippet, which condenses news and views into accessible, one-minute chunks aimed at London’s young commuters. We’ve just launched our weekend content, and this weekend’s theme is Barcelona. We’ve got a proposal for you! Have you got a direct email I can contact you on?



  15. We stayed in a rental apartment in BArcelona about five years ago. Loved, loved, loved it. Beautiful city. Pity the authorities are looking to restrict holiday rentals. We booked ours online and everything went like clockwork. Best bit of Baca, Las Ramblas. I loved it.

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