My name is Julie Sheridan, and I’m a native Scot who upped sticks in April 2011 and headed to the Catalan capital. I’ve been in love with all things Spanish since I was a little girl, despite the fact I’d never been to Spain, and started teaching myself the language by listening to Gloria Estefan tapes when I was nine. (My school didn’t teach it – needs must.) After studying Spanish and Portuguese at Glasgow University and starting work in Scotland I long harboured feisty festering thoughts of relocating south.

Julie Sheridan

The most Spanish I’m ever going to look

After almost ten years in Edinburgh I realised with a slow grin that it was finally time to make the move. I quit my well-paid job, said goodbye to my somewhat bemused friends and family, and most painfully of all, my cat of nine years, and packed my bright red suitcase bought especially for the fleeing.

Going from the east coast of Scotland to the east coast of Spain shouldn’t really be that challenging, when you think about it. The thing is, I’m five foot nine (don’t ask me what that is in metres), with dyed red hair and blue eyes. And even bluer skin. And I inexplicably sweat on the metro when everyone else is the paradigm of parched pulchritude. I kind of stand out, you might say.

To help me make sense of my new world, I’ve created this blog as a place to share musings, observations, stories, experiences, and no doubt the occasional rant. Most of all, I hope it’s a celebration of my time here in Cataluña – am honestly very grateful to be here:)


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P.S. Here’s an interview I did with Will over at myspanishadventure.com, if you’d like to know a bit more about me.