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SDL_i-work-with_Trados-2014_portraitI’m a professional copywriter, proofreader and Spanish-to-English translator by trade, and you can find more details of what I do on my main website



Please feel free to email me at if you’d like to discuss a project, or would just like to grab a coffee somewhere in Barcelona.

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  1. Elena

    Buenos días Sheridan!

    Mi nombre es Elena y formo parte del equipo de TEDxBarcelonaWomen ( un evento anual que sirve como plataforma para dar a conocer ideas y proyectos relacionados con Barcelona y sus mujeres, organizado bajo una licencia del proyecto “madre” TED.

    Nos gusta su revista digital mucho y tenemos una buena idea hacer un colaboracion con su blog!

    Que os pareceasistir nuestro evento y hacer fotos para su blog?

    Aqui hay nyuestro press release

    TED es un evento anual donde algunos de los pensadores y emprendedores más importantes del mundo están invitados a compartir lo que más les apasiona. “TED” significa Tecnología, Entretenimiento y Diseño, tres grandes áreas que en conjunto están dando forma a nuestro futuro. De hecho, el evento da cabida a una temática más amplia mostrando “ideas que merece la pena divulgar”, sea cual sea su disciplina.
    Los asistentes a los eventos TED (ejecutivos, científicos, creativos, filántropos, etc.), son casi tan extraordinarios como los ponentes, entre los que se incluyen Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Frank Gehry, Paul Simon, Sir Richard Branson, Philippe Starck y Bono.

    Espero su respuesta!



  2. Christina macdonald

    Hi Julie

    I am a fan of your site and I have an unusual question that I hope you may be able to help with.

    Me and some friends are off traveling in Europe next summer. We will be spending considerable time in Barcelona. My friends all plan on trying topless sunbathing. I don’t know anybody that has done this, you may not of either but I was hoping you may know if it is allowed and accepted. I hope you don’t mind me asking I just don’t want to cause any trouble if we did.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Christina, and it’s lovely to hear from you:) You’re in luck re the topless sunbathing – Barcelona has seven (or eight?, I lose count) city beaches, and it’s really common to see women and girls going full frontal while soaking up the rays. If you want to go the whole hog, there’s actually a nudist beach smack bang in the middle of the stretch of sands as well, called Mar Bella. They’ve constructed a big sand dune there, to afford naturists some privacy.
      The busiest beach is Barceloneta, definitely – the one that’s closest to the city. See what you think, but I avoid it all costs, as do most residents here. You get hassled constantly by water and beer vendors, plus women offering you massages. Sounds idyllic but it gets grating, honestly. My best tip would be to get the yellow line on the metro and travel a little further up, past Port Olympic, to get some peace.
      Have a great time, whatever you decide!

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