Guest post at Homage to BCN – my take on perfection…

Apr 1, 2012 by

Just a quick note to say that Rob over at Homage to BCN very kindly invited me to write a post for his series ‘BCN days’, where people describe their perfect days and share their favourite sights, haunts and experiences of the city. Me being me, I had trouble with the whole ‘perfection’ concept, but tried to come as close as I could to defining what it might be.

View my post at Homage to BCN

PS What would your version of a perfect BCN day be? Oh, to rule the city just for a day…bye bye motorbikes…



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  1. Great post! A lovely mosaic of Barcelona images and sensations.

  2. Barcelona sounds fantastic. I have yet to make it out that way, but it’s on my list soon! 🙂

    • Julie Sheridan

      Definitely head out here, Jeff. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed:)

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